Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting, well operates in the cloud. A slice of a computer and data center managed through our internal control panel. All DNS, hosting and email functions are manageable and appear dedicated.

Cloud computing makes available massive storage and compute capacity over the Internet with the ability to rapidly grow should the need arise.

Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows.

Transfer Services

Our professionals will migrate all of your sites and emails and ensure everything is working properly on your new server

Complete Migration

As you direct, we will transfer all website, email and databases files, including all associated files and databases, from one of your old hosting accounts to one with us.

Expedited Service

We prioritize your website migration so all files are relocated to your Veara account quickly.

Uninterrupted transition

Our specialists thoroughly understand the website transfer process and specialize in delivering seamless migrations.

Complete Review

Once migrated, you review your websites to verify that all is functioning as expected.




Responsive Websites

Every day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your website grows. Instead of building a separate website to address each size of device (we used to do that) the web industry has embraced several responsive web frameworks. Using a responsive web framework allows a website to be built that will run on multiple devices – large or small.

Our Aim

Today our aim is to have one working site that is compatible across multiple platforms and devices that include; netbooks, Blackberry’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, Kindle readers and other smartphones and tablets. It’s inevitable that over the next few years, new gadgets and devices will be on the market, all having their own respective screen sizes and resolutions.

Responsive web design is a design technique that thoroughly focuses on a user’s environment and behavior based on the orientation and size of his screen as well as the platform. This methodology integrates a blend of cleverly laid out grids and images combined with the smart usage of CSS media queries. When a user switches from his desktop or laptop screen to his iPad or iPhone, the website will automatically size itself to fit the device’s screen.

Very Popular

Using responsive web technology is empowering a website with a kind of artificial intelligence which lets it respond to the user’s environment. Responsive web design has gained tremendous popularity in the web design world as it eliminates the need of having different development and design phases for every different gadget in the Industry.

Veara designs and develops responsive websites using Bootstrap.